2009 Commission Meetings

TANC, as a California Joint Powers Agency created pursuant to California Government Code, conducts all business consistent with requirements of California’s Fair Political Practices Commission as well as other applicable statutes and regulations.  All TANC meetings are noticed and administered consistent with the provisions of the Ralph M. Brown Act, which governs meetings of local legislatives bodies.

 Meeting Dates  Agenda  Minutes
 January 28  A-01-28-09 A-01-28-09   M-01-28-09 M-01-28-09 
 February 18 A-02-18-09 A-02-18-09  M-02-18-09 M-02-18-09 
 March 18  A-03-18-09 A-03-18-09  M-03-18-09 M-03-18-09
 April 22  A-04-22-09 A-04-22-09   M-04-22-09 M-04-22-09 
 May 20 A-05-20-09 A-05-20-09 M-05-20-09 M-05-20-09
 June 24  A-06-24-09 A-06-24-09  M-06-24-09 M-06-24-09
 July 15 Special Telephonic Meeting A-07-15-09 A-07-15-09  M-07-15-09 M-07-15-09 
 July 22 A-07-22-09 A-07-22-09 M-07-22-09 M-07-22-09
 August 19  A-08-19-09 A-08-19-09   M-08-19-09 M-08-19-09 
 September 16  Cancelled
 October 21 A-10-21-09 A-10-21-09 M-10-21-09 M-10-21-09
 November 18  AR-11-18-09 AR-11-18-09   M-11-18-09 M-11-18-09 
 December 16  Cancelled