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Transmission Line and Substation Safety Tips

  • Maintain a safe distance from transmission wires irrespective of possible de-energization as they are bare, and uninsulated.
  • Do not touch, climb, or tamper with substation fencing. The protective barrier is for your safety.
  • Stay clear of any electrical facilities. Climbing structures or related activities could result in injury and equipment failure.
  • Never attempt to steal copper or any other material from a substation. Copper is a conductor that is used to deliver electricity. Stealing copper may steal your life.
  • Never climb a transmission tower and avoid contacting other high voltage electrical equipment or power lines.
  • Vandalism of high voltage electrical facilities and structures can lead to serious injury or death.
  • Removal of equipment from substations, communication sites, or power line facilities can impact the grid and unsafe operations. Intentional damage of transmission facilities or associated property can result in prosecution under applicable state and federal laws.
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